Fruit Logistica

First we take an apple

First we take an apple

Fruit Logistica in Berlin is Europe’s foremost trade fair for fruit and vegetables. For UNIVEG - a worldwide supplier of fresh produce - it is the place to be to network and showcase how they operate and serve a global customer base. The company is active in the fields of fruit & vegetables; flowers & plants; convenience products; as well as transport & logistics. As a result it has a very broad scope and widespread interests.

The choice to be present at FruitLogistica is then a logical one. With its 2.891 exhibitors and 70.000 visitors the fair offers superb networking and contact opportunities with the key decision-makers in every sector of the industry.

Getting the conversation started

To maximise the opportunities and results, Digital Radicals created a unique interactive solution that was to be the centrepiece of the networking activities and the spark to get the conversations started: the UNIVEG multi-taction touch table. The multi-taction touch table was positioned at the entrance of the booth attracting both dedicated visitors and passersby with a unique, interactive way of getting to know the company in a variety of aspects.

Playful interaction

By placing a themed marker on the surface of the table a window opened up, offering the user the possibility to dive into a topic by simply touching, scrolling swiping and pinching. With interesting videos, curated content and the possibility to progress from top level to specific information. The concept allowed table guests to easily familiarise themselves with topics, such as the way UNIVEG sees quality, ensures sourcing, handles its supply chain, supports sustainability, and supports through key account services.

Each opened window could be repositioned and resized at any time so users were able interact smoothly with videos, graphs and content. Having exhausted a topic users were encouraged to grab the next themed marker to explore and discover a different aspect of the company.

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